One book down

genralignorancebook.jpgJust finished my first book of the year the QI Book of general Ignorance. It’s so my type of Christmas book that I got it twice. full of completely random things, that hopefully my photographic brain will be able to reproduce at the most random times of the day. “there is no word in welsh for brown apparently”.

There is a plethora of these types of books now, mainly i suspect do to the Schott’s Orginal Miscellany from a few years back, and i have to say that while with my random fact gathering mind i could probably polish of most of them, the quality can be quite poor. Fortuantly the QI book isn’t one of the poor ones it’s written in nice friendly tone and doesn’t get lost (to much) in it’s delivery, this is helped by the fact that never more than two pages is devoted to anyone thing.

The only real problem with this book is it’s popularity. I was talking to someone today and at least two other people in ear shot? piped up and said they had read the book, this makes my random factness less impact-full* what i need to do is go get another much less popular book and get some facts. like did you know lead has a nice taste? before they knew it was lethal they put it in food.

*management speak alert impact is not a verb 100 times Mr Jump