two books to go.

So right after finishing that book, what’s next?

tippingpoint.jpgWell I am actually reading two more books at the moment, my commuter book is Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. which is a book that looks at how small seemingly insignificant changes can cause huge change in all sorts of things, from disease to fashion trends. I’m about 60 pages in (10 minute train journeys make for slow reads), and so far it’s very interesting.

The book is talking about the types of people that are responsible for large scale changes, and it’s challenging the preconceived ideas of how word of mouth works, and just how marketing actually works. that’s probably why it’s a best seller. once I’m done i will probably move onto blink, which is the next Gladwell book that talks about how we make instant decisions.

complaintfree.jpgThe other book I got today, and am about to start is “A complaint Free World – The 21 day challenge that will change your life” It’s a book that encourages you to stop complaining, gossiping? or criticizing. the idea is you wear a purple bracelet (free with $.75 shipping from here) on your arm and every time you catch yourself complaining swap it to the other arm, the idea is to not change arms for 21 days straight. apparently this takes 4-5 months.

Quick scan of the contents and the book looks interesting. to start with I may aim for 21 minutes between complaints 🙂