Another book finished (The Tipping Point)

I’m rocketing through the books at the minute, maybe it’s because the telly is so poor. We’ve not had it on in the evening all week. yesterday I finished The Tipping Point which is a book that looks at how cultural epidemics or trends spread though out life.? It’s very interesting, and quite insightful. there was a lot of stuff I already knew, but it’s hard to tell with a book that made such a big impact when it was first release whether the book is repeating or if things are done that way because of the book, I suspect a bit of both.

The book does actually ramble a bit in the middle and definitely at the end. but that’s?not to bad, because the bit in the middle is about sesame street and blues clues, and how they went about making the shows sticky (stickiness is making people stick with something and not fade of and loose interest, something which is quite hard with 4-5 year olds). I’ve said to Ruth that even if she doesn’t read the book (she won’t it’s not her type of book) that she should at least read that bit, it makes you see it all in a new light.

So now I’m starting the Complaint Free Book lets see how long?I last!