so that was quite a big crowd then

So we are sitting in our house contemplating our own parenting stupidity. Tonight we as a family went to the Liverpool 08 – People’s Opening outside St George’s Hall. It was a bit of a last minute decision, but we did plan the first bit quite well.

We go to the car park next to Lime Street at around 6:30 which meant we actually got to park real close, and when we arrived it was busy but not heaving so we contemplated where to stand and picked a nice spot next to the empire.?

the next challenge was keeping Daisy occupied for 1 1/2 hours, while nothing much (or nothing at all) happened. There was lots of picking up and putting down, and quite a bit of shinning a torch up daddies nose to see if it was OK (happy to report it was).

up until around 7:20 it was fine, we where troubled by the odd drunk who had obviously drained the nearest pub and was in need of another pump to stick his mouth under. But then it started to get really packed. Ruth had Henry tied to her front and i was carrying daisy in my arms.

Then it got really busy and people where knocking us, Ruth was standing over a street sign so Henry was snuggly asleep but even this go to bumpy and at around 8:00 (8 minuets before the start) we realised the error of our ways and left.

leaving was actually even scarier, it turned out that the street behind us was even more packed than the bit we where standing in, I used Daisy like a big snow plough, and basically pushed people out of the way. Most people where fine they could see I had a child who had?enough and they just squiged out of the way. One woman was all sarky, but I didn’t and still don’t care.

there was a point when i considered getting to the police car i could see in the middle of the crowd and putting daisy on the roof, but by the time we got to it, we actually where close to the edge of the crowd, so we darted out and back to the car.

We got to the car just as it started. Shaken and quite frankly thankful that we left before it started.?

we knew it would be busy, just not that busy, and the Friday drunk factor didn’t help. I for one am sitting here now, thinking we where stupid, taking the kids was a BIG mistake, but at least we go out, and that’s something we won’t do again. ?