saturday paper (without the paper)

the paper i didn't buyafter buying the paper last week, and then finding all the interesting bits online, I’m experimenting this week. I’m just going to find the interesting bits online. I may print some out after all there’s a certain quality to reading and besides I’m not taking the laptop into the toilet.

So here’s my weekend reading from the paper I never bought.



Actual News

And (almost) finally, the guardian print something written so badly by Beril Bainbridge I can only assume they did it for a laugh. (the actual print article is shorter, and misses out on some of the more obscure rantings of the one online)

Liverpool News

ringo, ringo, ringo who are you again?And just because it was quite a big night in Liverpool (and we missed it), I’ve been reading what other papers have been saying. The Times is quite upbeat, but ends with how the 4th Grace was cancelled (like how long ago?) the Independent says “500 internal server error” never quite seen that in a real newspaper. the telegraph are just a bit descriptive, and give us a narrative of that australian woman.

Really if you want news about Liverpool from an actual newspaper (how quaint) the Guardian does have the best coverage, even if they are punctuating it with random ramblings from people who left the city 40 years ago, and are harking back to the 1800’s

only problem, I’ve now read all the bits of paper i want and it’s still not nine o’clock.