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Continuing the education theme for the day, Apparently some professor at University of Brighton has stumbled to the fact that the internet isn’t the panacea for all knowlage,and we should be teaching ‘students’ how to be more discerning about what they read.

and “Google is the white bread of the mind” is quite a nice quote.

This is cool, and affirms just what we’ve been saying – this is one of the key things we want to teach our children, working out where to get information and more importantly what information to trust is going to be one of the key skills in the future, as we are drowned by more and more of the stuff, people are going to have to learn to filter.

I want points for using the word panacea, and spelling it right first time

4 thoughts on “Education online,

  1. Sorry, I wasn’t aware that I should have been scoring your blogs. What’s the points system? Is it out of 10, or is it out of 6 (like the Ice Skating)? Or, is it like the Eurovision Song Contest, with marks for different categories? If you could clarify the assessment criteria I would endeavour to start scoring asap.

    Just one thought though. Do you really want spelling to be a key factor, Kevin?

  2. It’s a very subjective scale. Kevin gets points for spelling panacea right first time – I wouldn’t… Come to think of it, I don’t know what I’d get points for.

  3. Actually, having just read your blog again (note to self: get a life!) I think that any points that you gained for panacea must be quickly lost for spelling knowledge wrong only a few words later.

    Also, Tess pointed out to me that I stopped being responsible for marking your work almost 20 years ago and did I really want to start again?

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