Daddy Daisy day is over

Even when I’ve been up since 4 in the morning I do enjoy a day with Daisy. today we did shopping for Mummy’s birthday (tomorrow!) and visited the big art bit of the Walker. Daisy was excited too, the first thing she said this morning was

“Today is Wednesday, and I am going with my Daddy because it’s a Daddy Daisy Day!”

Daisy is still scared of loud trains, and we managed to avoid the amazingly drunk man on the bus (i was astounded when he stood up that he could in fact remain standing’s even while the bus moved).

Shopping was a bit painful, persuading Daisy that the Early Learning Centre wasn’t the place for a present for mummy took some doing. As did keeping her reasonably close with so many pigeons around.

The Walker was empty which meant that me and Daisy just floated around for about 1 1/2 hours, drawing, doing jigsaws and dressing up (Daisy not me.. they didn’t have my size). we then wandered back home, to float about at home for an hour or so before Ruth got back.

I feel slightly bad that in one day with one child I didn’t manage any of the housey jobs Ruth does on a Daily basis with two. but then I try and justify it with being up since 4 and doing a big trip day. Daisy and I have just had a falling out over bed time which involved Ruth stepping in to get Daisy ready, so it would suggest that we are both as Daisy has so eloquently being putting it ‘knackered’.

What today has given me is renewed enthusiasm for the whole Daddy Daisy day thing that fell apart almost a soon as it started when i changed jobs. Once my leave year restarts I’m putting one day a month aside to spend with one of my children, I’ll have a Daddy Daisy day one month and a Daddy Henry day the next. by the time Henry is one. Me taking him for the day should be no problem. and at the same time Ruth can have Mummy Daisy and Mummy Henry Days, something she doesn’t get to do. time with just one child.