It’s a Daddy Daisy Day!

It’s been a very long time since the last one, today is a daddy daisy day.

Ruth is going to a funeral today, So i have taken to day off to look after Daisy, at one point I was going to look after Henry too, but having promised Daisy the day, coupled with the idea of managing both of them around town (once i had told Daisy that there was no going back!), we decided that Henry would go with Ruth and Daisy and Me would go off and have fun (and buy birthday pressies!).

The plan is to go to town, buy some stuff and visit the walker (i.e. the big art bit). I asked Daisy last night if she wanted to go by Train or Bus and after a good long think she said Train. She was obviously torn, so i think we might go by train and come back by bus. I honestly think we could just do the trip and she would be happy.


it’s not exactly stating well mind. Henry woke up at around 4:15 and showed no signs of sleeping, So i’ve just watched Two Pints with him strapped to my front, He went off. then woke up when we put him down, this woke Daisy who then insisted on sleeping in our bed, but as Henry was still trying to settle, I’ve just had the battle to get her back in to her room. after two screams I think I ‘won’; but that does depend of your definition on won. It’s now 6am an I won’t be going back to bed.