delegative parenting

Two examples from this morning..
1) Daisy gets her current favorite book and stands in the middle of the room waving it

d.. “who wants to read this book with me…”

mummy and daddy hide behind laptops.

d: “mummy? daddy?”

r: “daddy wants to read that with you”

2) We have decided to have a nice walk to a nice little caf? up the road.

d: “are we going to a cafe with a soft play area?”

r: “we where thinking of doing something civlized”

d: “after that… can we… can we…. make a rocket?”

r: “was I the best mummy in the world for making a rocket?”

r: “why don’t you get daddy to make a rocket so he can be the best daddy in the world?”

Ruth worries that the dialog on it’s own doesn’t covey the seamlessness of how she was doing it without even knowing.

1 thought on “delegative parenting

  1. The child is mad. Very lovely, bright, wonderful but…totally Mad!
    So says she who is now referred to as Mummy’s Mummy.

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