Why I don’t worry about ID cards

I’m sure i’ve blogged before, but i can’t find it.

if you’ve read any of our random ramblings you may have picked up we are not big fans of state intervention, so it will come as no surprise to you to find out we don’t really favor ID cards, but I’m not to worried -you see it’s a Government IT project so it’s never going to happen – as of today we are looking at 2012 – I retire in 2043, I don’t think I’ll have a card when i draw my pension.

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t worry about ID cards

  1. My experience of public sector IT projects is that they can be halted, tripped up, paused, suspended and generally dithered with for an awfully long time – but not indefinitely. Sooner or later, some senior manager who’s head’s on the block will say “I don’t care if it’s finished. Launch it.” And there it will be, a badly thought-through, badly executed piece of card in my pocket, undermining my civil liberties, and creating the impression that it’s capable of solving all society’s ills by it’s mere presence.

  2. I have yet to come across an IT solution that solves very much – all the ones I use just generate a different set of problems, most of which have to be solved using a pen and paper.

  3. A shocking amount of Projects, just go “we must computerize this process” and don’t look at changing anything about how the process works. This means you just add another step to an already difficult process and this one is on a computer.

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