Reading this blog costs the UK Economy

One thing that winds me up, news articles about how ‘trendy new technology X or something people do because they like it’ is costing the UK economy ?N billion pounds.

I hate these so called news stories for two reasons.

  1. there not news there press releases. almost always these stories come from some survey of British companies and are conducted by a firm who surprise surprise have a way to stop people doing the thing that it costs us so dearly.
  2. they reinforce the idea that people are slackers who are looking for any excuse to stop work and waste time. we should all be working nonstop. Preferably in cages where we don’t get to see daylight and are expected to produce work continually with no break, oh sorry thats’ chickens. easy mistake.

Today the reason I am ranting is because Facebook and MySpace a threat to Britain’s competitiveness?and this costs

?6.5 billion per annum, calculated in lost productivity and questionable bandwidth usage required to keep our friends and contacts informed on our latest mood swings and whereabouts.

and you’ll never guess what.. Global Secure Systems, the people who commisioned the survey have some software that can stop people from accessing this evil.

the story that’s never written is how much it costs the UK economy when all your staff start behaving like twelve year olds because that’s how you are treating them.

Or the cost to the UK economy in your staff spending time trying to circumvent the measures you put in place, and news flash there will always be a way around what ever you do. because no matter how good the software; your IT department will always go around it. I.T may be all for blocking stuff, but of course they don’t mean for themselves – and this leads to a black market of tricks to bypass the blocks. how much do you think all that costs?

now go give your boss 1.4p for reading this