Up and down and over!

We’ve had a bit of an eclectic nerdy night in the Jump household. We started off looking at the family tree stuff, we are considering starting up again, and this time writing some of the narrative down, then we randomly started talking about the 5 minute program that is now on CBeebies in the morning where Daisy is picking up all sorts of letter sounds.

It turns out this is the Beeb showing the segments from there words and pictures schools program Words and Pictures fun with phonics which is cool but the whole lot of phonics stuff costs around ?500, this is the schools price because it’s meant for schools, Daisy and Henry aren’t going to school. so we may at some point see if there are home education things we can do to get this cheaper – also you can do a lot of this stuff for free, or via cheaper routes.

while looking at all of this i discovered a real thing i remember from my childhood the magic pencil I’m not sure I ever took any of it in, but it was a magic floating pencil where the end lit up when it touched the paper. Now I’m off to watch wordy! magic magic e, and build your self a word!