A new day a new desk

When councils had moneyToday we moved to our new office in work – finally we got out of the open plan nightmare where far to many people where trying to work, and the noise was ridiculous.

we now have our own office just for the web team, and gosh it was quite,? I think it’s all a bit of a shock and it’s going to take us a while to get use to it. before we where put in open office hell, we had a quite nice office in the main council building, a wonderful 140 yeah old masterpiece, built when the city had loads of money, and didn’t mind spending it. Since then we’ve scuttled between the non-descript 60’s building that make up the rest of the councils’ office buildings – but at least as of today it’s our own non-descript 60 office.

For this week we are squeezing our dual monitors onto call centre desks, and trying not to knock each others tea over.? until they can get around to putting our rather plush (and much bigger) desks up on Friday. this of course means another desk move. but that’s OK.

This morning I worked out that I am now on my 6th desk since starting here 613 days ago, that’s a little over one desk every 100 days. and I get my 7th next Monday.