Home School Yet?

I don’t know with home schooling if we will ever have a definitive start, sure the will be the day when daisy doesn’t start school, but by then we will probably be way into the swing of things.

Today could be counted as a start too: when I got home, Daisy and Mummy where desperate to tell me about what daisy could now do. it seems we’ve had an afternoon, of very basic phonics and Daisy can recognise SAT, SAM and AM, and she had ago at SAD although she doesn’t really know D.

‘school’ today also had a lesson on how to hold the knife and fork, although I don’t know if that was a ‘lesson’ or at ‘dinner time’.

Not that we have lessons and breaks, it’s all a bit organic really. It’s more opportunities and Daisy being inquisitive than us teaching her; her actual biggest advance in the last few weeks has been purely self taught colouring in, last week she spent three days colouring in one picture, the type of attention to detail she must have gotten from her mother.

We’re not pushing, Daisy is wanting to learn new things, and why she’s like that we’re not going to stop her -with any luck that will carry on for many a year.