Another Book (Blink)

blink.jpgJust finished Blink by Malcom Gladwell. This is his next book after The Tipping point which I read about three weeks ago. Unsurprisingly it’s very similar in style, and has the same type of quite interesting insights with Rambly bits in it. On the whole Malcom Gladwell books don’t give you amazing insight into how we think or what makes us tick, but they do lift the lid a little bit on the whole mysterious world of just how it all works.

The most interesting part of this book, was the references to the Harvard Implicit Association tests, that you can take on line. They show you just how scarily your brain is wired up in so for example how you associate careerer with male and how you probably have a preference for white faces over black no matter how much you think you don’t.

oh and apparently, when they changed the green on the 7-up can so it was a bit more yellow, people started to say it tasted nicer.

Next: I am re-reading Simplicity by Edward De Bono