big paintings

I took some time at lunch time today, to absorb some more of the city’s culture. Me and a few others from the web team went to see and Hear Ben Johnson work on and talk about his latest painting. the “Liverpool City Scape”, I’ve blogged about this picture before, but today was the first day I’ve seen it. all be it from a distance of about 10 feet, because you can’t get close. it’s still not finished.

I’ll probably sound all pompous now, but listening to Ben talk about how he came to paint these types of painting and how he came to be painting in Liverpool was really interesting. I’m thinking I should start sending the designers (and even the developers) in the web team to art galleries. Not so they can start making websites that look like a cityscape, but it’s more of an indirect thing, when you see a group of people being so overtly creative, it rubs off and you leave feeling all creative. pity i then had back to back meetings for the rest of the day.

You can see the progress of the painting with this photo set, and they even have a webcam.