A Month in Numbers

It’s been a month, that’s for sure. I thought I would post some figures and the end of the month, So I could have a record of what I’ve done, and you if you wanted could get an insight into some of the things I do in a typical 30 day period.

  • This is the 52nd Post to the blog this month
  • How many RSS Feed items i read a dayAccording to Google Reader I look at 180 web feeds, and over the last 30 days I have read 6,911 items, starred 101 items, shared 10 items, and emailed 0 items.

That means on average i read around 230 items on the Internet a day just through google, the reality is it’s more like 300 a day during the week, and a lot less at the weekends. I don’t read them all, that would take up all my time, I scan headlines, read snippets and if i think it’s interesting star it for later. so i suppose I’ve read 101 interesting things

  • Along side that I’ve read 46 weekend newspaper articles (well the weekends are slow!), manly since i’ve stopped buying newspapers and reading it all on the Internet.
  • Google Web History, which is much more inaccurate, because it’s not setup on all browsers I use, says I’ve searched for 627 things, the top site I then go too being wikipedia. and apparently I search the Internet most at 9am.

web searches by the hour

  • My Home email, is something I hardly use, I have 180 messages this month, I suspect most of them are junk or from facebook that i haven’t deleted yet. I dare not think what my work email is like.
  • the digital camera has counted up 480 pictures this month: personally this one is my favourite

  • My facebook status has changed 32 times.
  • I think I’ve had 19 days in work, which probably means around 100 cups of tea (in work) this month. and as anyone I work with will tell you I’ve made about 5 of them

I don’t think this an overly exceptional month for me. the blogging and the book reading are a bit abnormal, but the rest of it is just what I do on a day to day basis really.