Our Henry (the vacuum)

We’ve had terrible trouble with hovers over the last few years. for a while we had a quite dreadful but incredibly cheep goblin hover that was really good at moving the dirt about, and if you left it on the same spot for a while it would eventually pick up some dirt.

A Henry then we replaced that with what i think was our worst purchase ever, the Vax, with it’s so powerful it would blow the fuses engine, and spiny thing that ate the carpet.? I said at the time, this is because in many households hovering is the mans job, so they try to sell you manly hovers with more and more powerful engines.

After a very short while, and an inordinate amount of fuses, the vax blew something internal, so we used that as an excuse to give it to bulky bob, and replace it. and this time, we went for a Henry on the (possibly flawed) grounds that they use it in schools and offices everywhere so it must be good value for money.

Now we’ve had it 3 months, I do think it’s the best vacuum we’ve had. It’s not to powerful, it’s not to heavy, it doesn’t do any fancy tricks, and in fact it still gets stuck in doorways and at the end of the bed, but what it does do that no other vacuum does is smile at you.

smilinghenry.PngI’ve just hovered the house and has the same wrestling match I use to have with the goblin hover, which if I am honest use to end up with me kicking and throwing the hover around in the secret hope it would break. the difference this time however was two fold, fist it is slightly easier to undo a stuck Henry because it’s round, but really, It’s really hard to get angry when it’s smiling at you.

Now I know that makes me weird, but I have been reading a lot of books about how our mind works and studies have shown that the act of smiling can make a physiological difference. I just don’t think the’ve extended the study to hovers yet.

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