An odd day

In a bizarre turn of events, all the children are asleep. At once. It’s a bit strange.

Henry’s asleep because he’s seven months old, he can only handle being awake for so long. Daisy, on the other hand, hasn’t taken a proper nap since she turned two, and if she’s asleep on the sofa, rather than having been tricked into dropping off in the car, then she is almost certainly ill.

If she’s ill, then she needs watching, since the only thing she’s likely to have caught is Henry’s cold, which has given him croup for the first time this weekend (just the oh-so-recognisable cough, not the wheezing, thank heaven) – since she is known to be susceptible to croup, and it’s That Sort of Cold, we’ll need to be a bit careful, I think.

However, at this moment, they’re both asleep, and I’m blogging, and drinking coffee.