I do like a good election

It’s not even a proper election yet, and it’s in another country, but I do like a good night of counting.

a bit of new jerseyJust in-case you live under a rock, It’s Super Tuesday in America, that’s a day when loads of people go decide who they want to be in an election in November. It turns out they must have huge party membership over there because of how this is just the parties voting for who they want.

I have been searching the Internet and i can’t find a good swing-o-meter or any American who looks like Peter Snow. but the New York Times has a fancy map which is quite cool. due to the random complexity of this thing i don’t think you can tell who’s winning at any one point. but that makes it all the more fun.

1 thought on “I do like a good election

  1. That’s probably why Josh on the West Wing looks so stressed for the whole of seasons six and seven – there’s really no way of knowing if you’re winning or not.

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