Saturday Reading List

I’ve gone a bit newspaper silly today. loads and loads of things, most of which sound interesting but I may not read. just follow the link at the end if you want to see the full list. or ignore this is you don’t want to be bored with a list of newspaper articles.


White gold: Britain’s new love for snowdrops – Nature, Environment
The Big Question: Is time travel possible, and is there any chance that it will ever take place? – Science, News
Hillary’s girl: Reinvention of a president’s daughter – Americas, World
Tesco hits a new low with arrival of the £1.99 chicken – News, Food & Drink
The head who turned around a failing school…and became a YouTube sensation in the process – Schools, Education
Our children tested to destruction – Education News, Education


Reaping the benefits from mother’s milk
Paying cash adds £307 to household bills
New underground city planned for Amsterdam
Record five million hit by winter virus
Councils told to stop nonsense
The WYSIWYG thrill of the American race


Hillary Clinton expects Barack Obama to seize ‘bragging rights’
Barack Obama has the chance to begin chipping away at Hillary Clinton’s lead in delegates for the Democratic nomination tonight when a clutch of apparently favourable states stage presidential contests.
Smiling can seriously damage your health
The fixed, beaming face of the service sector in Japan could be about to crack: its famous “perma-smile” is slowly driving the country mad.
Super-prime market under threat from tax changes
Concerns are growing that the flourishing super-prime property market could be destabilised by threatened changes to non-domicile taxation rules that are just two months away.
The gentle soul with the thankless job of killing off 2,500 post offices
The sub-postmaster paid little attention to the quiet Scotsman buying a book of stamps in North London a few weeks ago.
How internet turned ‘fact’ into a global lie
A bogus but persistent rumour that British schools are dropping the Holocaust from the curriculum to avoid offending Muslims forced the Government to issue an official denial this week.
The Sims 2: Freetime – Times Online
EA/PC (£19.
Who says MPs shouldn’t be bugged? | Graham Stewart
It may have been accidental that a bugging device con cealed in a prison table picked up an MP’s conversation. But the Sadiq Khan affair has stirred debate over whether politicians ought to remain exempt from the wire-tap surveillance&#
Juno review | Film Reviews
Review of Juno from Times Online, film reviews from The Times and Sunday Times
How stressed are you?
All organisms need to alternate between tension and relaxation if they are to survive and thrive.
The carbon footprint of meat and environmental red roses
Eco Worrier blog: 20 green Valentine’s day gift ideas Q Does all meat have a similar carbon footprint? A No,
No doubt: the MMR vaccine does not cause autism
The notion that the MMR vaccine can trigger autism should have ceased to be news long before this week’s widely reported study that shows it to be unfounded.


Joanna Moorhead hears the stories behind family jewellery | Family
Looking after mother | Family
Annalisa Barbieri on picnic table sandpits | Family
The real story behind The Diving Bell and the Butterfly | Family
One’s way of insuring against that 3-minute journey going off the rails | Money
The fare is £2.30 and the journey time 180 seconds. But that doesn’t stop train companies offering insurance. Sean Coughlan reports
Commuter pursuits | Money
An average journey to work now lasts over an hour – that’s a lot of wasted time over the course of your life. So why not do something constructive with it? Melissa Viney reports
Tim Dowling: ‘No one will believe my wife died from half a glass of wine. They’ll suspect foul play’ | Weekend
One million tiny plays about Britain: February 9 | Weekend
Lucy Mangan: I’ve been looking forward to death since birth | Weekend
American psyche: February 9 | Weekend
How bad can Nickelback be? Phenomenally, says Peter Robinson | The Guide
Phoo fighters | The Guide
‘It has affected my kids – they’re seeing me stressed out all the time’ | Business
When the repossession notice finally came, Richard Wadswell felt crushed
Super Bowl, Super Tuesday but little super fashion
‘Terrorist’ group who turned out to be the president’s men
Behind the Great Firewall | Technology
210 million Chinese have web access and any day now China will have more users than the US. But instead of spreading freedom, the net has been tamed by Beijing’s iron grip
Simon Hoggart’s week: Why is sorry still the hardest word?
Clinton team braced for Obama to take the lead
Messy – and brilliant