Dizzy! my head is spinnin….

I don’t know how much longer I can continue with the jokes, but Ruth is very ill and I have to make light of it when I can.

Since about Wednesday Ruth has been getting increasingly dizzy, so much so that I was called home on Friday – most of Saturday was spent in bed, and it’s looking like next week is a daddy looking after the family week.

We did venture out yesterday to the local Medical Drop in centre; which on reflection was a waste of two hours, because we just got a nurse to guess the problem and then pass us on to the local out of hours phone line when they realised Ruth is brest feeding.

The general conclusion of the medical profession (noting how we haven’t actually manged to break through all the layers to a doctor yet) is that it’s some sort of flu like thing in your ear. the extreme diagnosis from one nurse being the rather fabulously named Labyrinthitis, which can apparently last for ever if your unlucky.

I’ve read up so I know how to care for someone with this; So I keep telling Ruth she’s not abnormal and praising her for things like drinking fluids. This as I have already said is starting to ware a bit thin.

Any medical assistance that you can have apparently relates to decongestants which is the stumbling block with breast feeding, so at the moment, a treatment of lemon curd butties, and lots of water – maybe tomorrow we will visit a real doctor who may know of a drug Ruth can take.

Ruth has told me she doesn’t want to hear about people who are dizzy for years, and needs to know about people who had it for a couple of days and it all cleared up. So if you have a “I was dizzy but I’m alright now” story, please do tell

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  1. I was dizzy when I first got up last Friday morning but it wore of after 10 minutes or so!! I also tend to be a bit dizzy after flying and being on a boat for a while. But lots of sympathy for Ruth. Her Grandma has suffered from vertigo on and off for years. The Doctor should be able to help. I do know of someone who is suffering from vertigo and has been referred for a treatment called Balance Rehabilitation Therapy.

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