the amazing self healing car

We like our Skoda, It’s much much better than?that?Rover we had, It’s reliable it doesn’t feel dangerous over 30 miles an hour and the doors close.

however… it does have a problem with it’s electrics, not a major problem just an annoying one. It goes through brake lights at quite a rate, so much so, that we have packs of spare bulbs in the boot.

On the one occasion when both brake lights went, the glow plug light came on. it wasn’t until the police stopped us we noticed, and when we fixed the brake lights, the glow plug light went out.

About 3 weeks ago, the door open light came on. even when all the doors where closed, we stopped the car, opened and closed every door, and then realised over the course of a few days that the boot had somehow become disconnected from the central locking of the car. opening the car, opened the boot, but locking the boot didn’t lock the car.

Well when we were out on Saturday, It all fixed itself. for no reason what so ever the door now locks the car, and the light has gone out.?It’s amazing what fixes itself if you ignore it.?

3 thoughts on “the amazing self healing car

  1. It’s probably a computer! turn it off! wait a few minutes! then turn it on again! That seems to cure almost everything these days…

  2. I had/have a flashing light on the dashboard of my new car which the mechanic couldn’t fix without a lot of dismantling so he stuck black sticky tape on the back of the dashboard – it’s still flashing but now I can’t see it!!

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