The Ill family Jump

Illness abounds the Jump household. Ruth Still has spinnyhead-itits. Henry has sore ears and is on Antibiotics, and Daisy has Daddy germs apparently “You had a cold, but now I’ve gotten it haven’t i?”. I did think that was her way of getting in on the act, but she did have quite a cough this morning.

I’ve got a slightly sore ea, which lead Ruth to say “you do know ear infections aren’t contagious, don’t you?” which I do know, but that doesn’t alter the fact that my ear is sore.

Yesterday saw a trip to the doctors but only for Henry, because Ruth was ‘better’, Daisy didn’t have Daddy germs then, and I didn’t have a sore ear. Today is going to see another trip to the doctors because Ruth isn’t ‘better’ and I have a sore ear (Daisy just has a cough, we can handle that one ourselves).