Saturday Reading

Look, this is really just for me – so I’ve got one place to go through all the things i might read today (ish).

20080216guardian.jpgGuardian [Sat Feb 16th]

Family Section

  • Dad, I’m going to thrash you There comes a time in every parent’s life when their children start to outwit, outdo and outclass them. Damnation, says father-of-three Tim Dowling

Weekend Magazine


  • Pop goes the property boom New-build flats sold four years ago at ?180,000 are now fetching just ?130,000. Miles Brignall reports from Manchester, on the frontline of the housing slowdown
  • My worst job Stuart Maconie found neither office life nor moustaches suited him


  • Space invaders Hotdesking is on the rise in companies who offer flexible working. But could sharing your desk stop you getting the job done, asks Ian Wylie

The Guide20080216nyt.jpg

The Times [Sat 16th Feb]

and just some stories from the torygraph and the independent

and the biggest and longest counting procedure in the world (the us elections) has got me reading the New York Times, which is quite cool. It’s all a bit to much like the west wing to be true.