Mocha Lounge

Since moving offices at work, we’ve had a number of improvements in our lives. It’s quiter, so we can get stuff done, we are separated out so we can shout if we want to. We have more space to work and don’t feel as much like cattle as we use to, and we are closer to the Mocha Lounge which is a quite very nice coffee shop on Sir Thomas Street in Liverpool.

Coupled with the fact that we’ve got quite a few two for one vouchers, the coffee being nice, and the venue been cool to, I’ve had quite a lot of meetings in Mocha, and I suspect that almost all of the Performance Reviews are going to be in there too.

However I’m still coming down from the last visit, today I did a PRD* and we got two lattes for the price of one (?2.05) and then they offered us free coffee. so we got four coffees for ?2.05, but gosh was I buzzing for the rest of the day.

If you are in Liverpool for anything you should go, it’s not in the middle of town, but it’s well worth the walk.

*Performance Review thing. you know that touchy feely management stuff my life is now :)?

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