Today I learned how the RAC break into Skodas (ones without double locking central locking anyway). Though a serise of quite understandable steps Ruth put her keys in the boot of the car to do something before church and then shut the boot … while the car was locked.

Not a problem, Chris gave me a lift back home, so I could pick up my keys… halfway there…

“of course there could be one flaw in this otherwise perfect plan…. my keys might be in my coat, which is in the boot”?

Back to the car, and it’s surprising how few people we know who can break into cars (and how many think we should throw bricks at the problem).

Quick break in the story to recount a conversation we had in the car last night…

Ruth: “We really must renew the RAC membership”?

Back to car park…

Membership renewed still on phone to RAC…

RAC: “is there anything else I can help you with”?

Ruth: “Am I covered now?”

RAC: “yes”

Ruth: “Can you put me through to recovery? I’ve locked the keys in the car”?

RAC man turns up, with his selection on coat hangers. the technique involved wedging the top of the door, and hooking the handle on the inside, to open the car.This doesn’t work on cars with a) central locking that stops you smashing a window to open the car… and B) cars with very recessed door handles.

Thankfully our car has neither of these. door open, and it can be pulled back into shape with your knee.

All in all we where quite lucky! car has no damage!