my back…

I bet your thinking, “He’s gone all quite, the mega blogging fad is over”, well sorry, I don’t think it is… It’s just been a hard few weeks, with the entire family being ill, me having to go to work half asleep and this weekend .. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

On Saturday morning I awoke with quite a stiff left shoulder. It’s the type of thing that happens when i lie funny, and given the amazing moving slats on our bed that can happen quite a lot; so i got up and started my day and it was still sore, we drove out to Haigh Hall and it was even sorer, we had some lunch did a walk, had a cup of tea and went the shop, and it was still sore.

We came home and I collapsed on the couch with a very very sore shoulder, so ibuprofen and hot water bottles have been the order of the day It’s now Sunday 8:45 and it’s almost better.

very soon (I hope) we will all be better at the same time.