I think we just had an earth tremor…. or a very heavy cat jumping up and down….

the whole house just wobbled… (12:58am and yes I am awake… don’t ask!) News 24 Don’t know yet…

01:04 update: BBC Radio says its all over Northwest, Midlands and Chelmsford… quite a specific reference there…

01:07 BBC News 24…. still no news… news website…. tremor is west midland…

it didn’t half wobble you know. it must have been at least a 0.4 on the richter scale (which suggests it will be a 4!). Still real people use the moment magnitude scale

01:15 Don’t know why the call it news24? the newsreader is just on a loop I’m sure… although at the last news headlines she looked at bit flusterd….. false alarm she’s talking about the euro…

the real time monitring of earthquakes doesn’t have it on it’s map yet…

01:19 BBC24 know!!! as far north as Darlington…who’d of thought? Darlington someone had a phone…oh and some place called London as well.

01:22 The BBC website has moved it Reports of tremor felt across central and southern England”

01:28: The Radio said it was 13 miles south of Hull .. that’s Grimsby not very southern really. as we all know the south starts at Crewe.

01:32 OK the Beeb have said it’s 4.7 I’m going back to bed before any aftershocks. shake me from my desk….

Oh and I’ve just found the nerdy information about the wobbly thing you can even see the field it was in (+/- 4 miles!)

01:48 I was going to bed until Jemma Harrison, 22, in Bury, Greater Manchester, said:

“It was really bad. I was fast asleep and woke up and the room was shaking and there was a loud bang and alarms were going off.”

Sorry I don’t quite believe you Jemma. yes you where 30 miles closer than me. but really does this mean the town of Bury is now a buzz with people all wondering around in a daze?

Natasha Cavey, in Tipton in the West Midlands, said:

“All my cupboard doors flew open and the whole house shook, it was unreal. I can’t believe it.”

I paid good money for B&Q to fit those doors and they are so not level!

the BBC are collecting these ‘stories’

02:40 the British Geological Survey reckon it was 5.1 which makes it biggest since 1990, I’m not sure who gets the final shout on how big it was because the Americans are still saying 4.7. It is quite a big descrepency. 5.1 is about 2.9 times more powerful than 4.7 the scale is all logarithmic you see.

02:57: you could just spend all night (like me) reading different people say different things. The Register are at bit snobby about this all. and reckon the European stuff is better. currently we still have earth quake of the day yesterday had a 7.1 in Indonesia.

07:40 : The BBC really need to stop making it obvious they have a southern bias. it was felt south in London and far north in Huddersfield; Huddersfield is only about 20-25miles north of where it happened.