Another Month in Numbers

just like last month, here is the month in numbers..

  • This is the 33rd post to the blog this month, where up to 85 for the year.. last year it took until 24th June to have that many posts.

Google Reader for Feb 2008

  • google reader says over the last 30 days I have read 6,998 items, starred 43 items, shared 4 items, and emailed 0 item.

This month I appear to have starred a lot less. What I’m not sure about is if that means I am filtering more junk out (probably to much) or if I’m not starring things for later and just reading them directly. at the moment. every 163 thing is interesting. this is quite a lot of guff.

I was thinking about this the other day, and I reckon on average we are talking 1-2 seconds per post (most are skipped dead quick and i occasionally stop to read..) so that’s around 2-4 hours a month reading stuff in google. which given this is really where all my information comes from isn’t to bad.

  • I’ve read quite a lot of newspaper stuff, but because it was getting out of hand, I don’t list everything i read on the blog any more – just things that are slightly interesting. Ruth said I lost her when I started including the New York Times.
  • Searching Google in Feb 2008google web history, which still doesn’t capture everything i search for, says I’ve only searched for 451 things this month which is quite a lot less then last… although i was off work for a week, in February.
  • my home email has about 80 pieces of email in it, of which I sent 8 of them.
  • I’ve taken 78 photos, most are of the kids.
  • my facebook status has changed 17 times
  • There have been 21 working days this month, but i missed 5 1/2, so I’ve been to work 15 1/2 days. I have about 2-3 meetings a day. so that’s probably around 35-40 meetings this month.

I’ve done a bit less of things this month, but there is a day missing, and I was off work (and far to busy to do computers) for at least 9 days while the entire family was ill.