another weekend… another sore shoulder

It’s really not going well, this weekend lark… last weekend I had woke on Saturday morning with a sore shoulder/back, only for it to clear up on Monday. and this week I have the same type of thing… only this time it was caused by sleeping on Daisy’s floor.

The weekend before we where recovering from the illness pandemic in the house, which had started the weekend before that. the weekend before all that (2nd Feb), wasn’t from memory all that bad. but that was a whole month ago.

Both Daisy and Me are still convinced we’ve been on and off ill constantly since we went the lakes and ended up in Alder Hey. which was the end of November – Ruth claims we where all well in-between.

We are in such a survival mode as a family, it’s almost getting to be the routine.. which is a bit sad, but I’m taking solice in the fact that both Ruth and I are completely exhausted, stumbling between ill and noughty children, but not biting each others heads off. Soon, real soon we will all be well. weekends won’t be punctuated by painkillers, and we’ll have some time to enjoy stuff*

*don’t worry we are enjoying now, we just don’t have the time for it that’s all.