work work…

I spent most of yesterday in what we affectionately use to call a stable door meeting, and almost all of today writing a email about another website. but really i need to spend at least a day writing about a website that doesn’t exist yet so I’m working from home tomorrow. What I’m doing now.. is putting off working from home tonight.

I am so close to becoming one of ‘those’ people, it’s scary – I have lots to do and somebody stole a day out of my week, and that was before somebody trapped me in a room for three hours and then somebody else required a 2 hour email response.

The problem is I want to lead by example, and working stupid hours all night isn’t the example i want to set.  Yes I want people to do work, but I also want them to have a life, and not get burned out and all stressed on me, in the long run that’s much much harder to deal with, then a missed deadline or two.

anyway procrastination rules, lets just search flickr for photos and maybe play a bit of scrabulous.