4 hours in the car with children

We’ve been away this weekend – all the way down south near Portsmouth – not really spring time weather (it snowed at one point) but it was nice to see friends.

A couple of quick things we learnt on the way there and back.

1) putting your kids to bed in the car works for long journeys.

We set off at 6:30 after giving Henry and Daisy baths and dressing them for bed. Daisy even got her bed time story on the M62. after about an hour of hyper excitement from Daisy they where both asleep. we had the odd murmer later on but all in all it was better than 4 hours with to children awake.

2) The Toll Road Rocks

The M6Toll last night was emptier than the M58, we did the journey in 4:05 and that includes stopping for 15 mins. Google seems to think it should have taken 4 hours 21 non stop. but it makes certain ‘assumptions’ about speed.

of course we set of Thursday night and got home around 10:30 last night, and now it’s Tuesday and I have to go to work. which is a bit sad. unfortunately the leave situation for me is such that this is all we can do until June, eek out as much as possible from bank holidays.