bit of a sad day

Tim, alseep, but in focus.It was a bit of a sad day yesterday.

Our cat Tim passed away. at about 10am he came in to the house soaking wet. and Ruth and Daisy dried him with a towel, and put him on our bed – the fact he didn’t really bother struggling was a sign really. and then by the time I came home. he was still on the bed.

It was Ruth’s Mum who found him. Basically because Daisy had gone to show here how she had put the towel on Tim.

We told Daisy this morning, and she has taken it quite well,bit of “I want two cats”, and “I wish my cat would come back alive”.

For people who knew our cats, Tim was the small black one with the limp (hence Tim, as in Tiny Tim), He was impossible to photograph because the camera could never focus. Samson the big black and white cat, is OK. he’s upset and quite clingy but he’s not physically ill.

5 thoughts on “bit of a sad day

  1. Aww poor Tim!!

    Big ginger tom, free to a good home!!! (only jokin I wouldn’t part with Ernie…Bert & Sasha maybe!!!) (or David)

    C xx

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