March in Numbers

marreader.PngIt’s that time again, to bore you all with my life, in numbers. (sad people can look at January, and February)

  • This is the 23rd post this month, which means we are at 109 for the year. pre end of financial year has meant it’s been hectic at work, and it’s shows in me blogging less.
  • Google reader says over the last 30 days I’ve read 6,637 items, starred 75 items, shared 1 items, and emailed 0 items. I got rid of something this month, mainly work tenders (there are other people to do that) which means I’m sifting though a lot less. so at the moment I’m finding every 89th thing interesting apparently.
  • I’ve got 43 bits of mail in my home email. I get that much in work in about 4 hours!
  • My camera is broken but we got one for Ruth, so combined over the month we’ve takenSearch History in March 08 around 200 photos. Next month I get a new camera so loads of piccies I think!
  • my facebook status has changed 10 times
  • I’ve sort of read one book. Presentation Zen, I’m in the middle of Pies and Prejudice by Stuart Marconi.
  • Google thinks I’ve searched for stuff 636 time, top site? wikipedia
  • 19 working days this month, which is 104.6 hours. If I’d worked non stop I could have compressed the month into 5.8 days start Monday – finish Saturday 7:12pm

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