tenders = essays

I distinctly remember leaving university. It was a great feeling. No more putting stuff off for weeks and having midnight deadlines and living of coffee and lucozade.

Then came Tenders: We’ve just finished doing a rather large Tender in work, and I was glad to see everybody was the same as me. “I can’t really do the work unless I have a really tight deadline”.

It all gets quite stressful. you think, “can I go back to that, simple life of just writing code?”. it’s all over (for) now. So the rest of the team have had to put up with two days of floaty light management. coming out of the tunnel and distracting anyone who will listen.

next week I will look at my mountain of email – the 75 projects I said i would start this finical year, and maybe even sorting out those bits of the office that we haven’t finished yet. like Hanging the clock.