Nine Months Out

Henry is 9 Months and 1 day today. It was only yesterday – except it has been forever. Given how we gave Daisy an 8 Month progress report. I though our Henry should get the same (and yes it’s a month late, sorry second children it happens).

So what can henry do now he’s 9 months old?

He can crawl. it’s not a full on on your knees crawl – Henry has gone for much more of a thrust and pull crawl. he straightens his legs to get a bit of leverage, and pulls. It’s very effective, and gets him around the room way to fast. In the last day or two, he has started to pull his knees up, but to be honest I would be suprized if it gets him around any faster.

He can say ‘Dada’ – he’s being saying it for a couple of weeks now, but over the last week or so I am becoming more convinced he means me! … or Daisy somebody anyway.

Rolling over? – Yes Henry can’t stay still! he has yet to learn the perils of the change mat. and while he hasn’t gone over the edge yet I’m not convinced he knows what would happen.

The One thing people notice about henry when they see him are his smiles – he almost always smiles (between the hours of 6am and 7pm), we use to think Daisy was a contented baby but Henry just loves everything. We could put that down to his fantastic parents. I do think the Baby wearing has done a lot to make him happy, but I do credit quite a bit of it to Nature – with one baby you can see things come out as they learn with two you can see the bits that are already there.

Henry is really quite a physical baby – he currently is going through a banging phase (next 16 years?). anything and everything is tested to see if it makes a noise when banged against something – usually the table. when he is on the floor, he can reach, grab and genrally make a mess in seconds so we’re not worried about any of that.

Food – With Daisy food was the accepted worst bit of the day. not because it was horrid, or that she was bad at it .. just that it takes ages. Henry is no different. feeding him takes and age, and both Ruth and I detest having to do it. Mainly because Henry is eating the same as we do (much more than Daisy. mainly because we are less paranoid / more lazy). so while you feed him, your tea is going cold. this is why we are encouraging finger food at every opportunity.

Henrys sleep is something worthy of a mention, We’ve never been the best at getting our children off to sleep. we are good at routine, and keeping them asleep. but actually getting a child to sit in a cot awake and choose to lie down (something our friends children can do to annoying affect).

Daisy took hours of tricking and sitting with hands, we always vowed we wouldn’t do that with the next. So henry doesn’t get that. but he doesn’t just accept it, when he is upset (not always) he has a 7 minute switch. It’s hard to do but if you let him cry, you can almost guarantee that at 7 minutes not matter how hard the crying has been he will stop and go off. It’s uncanny I almost always don’t believe it’s going to happen, and it almost always does.

Things Henry likes: Daisy, being carried, Loud Noises (see Daisy), crawling around

Things Henry doesn’t like: poo (he doesn’t like soiled nappies!), being told to sleep. not much else he’s very happy.