Croup: Up, out, in, down

More nocturnal child problems. It was surprisingly short when you consider what happened:

Daisy woke up at 1am last night with nasty croup – it was fairly obvious right away it was a nasty bout. so by 1:05 Daisy and I where in the car.

1:15: In Alder Hey, trying to find £1.50 to park!

1:30: Daisy had the Steroid to ease her throat, it then takes approx two hours to work. they check the blood oxygen levels and then let you go.

2:45: Nurse is happy Daisy is now OK to go. I had to bribe Daisy to leave the hospital, we where in the middle of The Enormous Crocodile and Daisy was sad we didn’t have time to finish it. So I may have promised to buy it for her today.

3:02: Back Home, Daisy in bed.

All in all quite amazed at how quick it was: we’re getting old hat at it now, so we knew what was going on – that makes it a bit easier, but I think We still lucked out on turning up at A&E at the right time.