Hospital! Again!!

I know it’s beginning to sound like we rush our children to hospital at the slightest provocation, but Ruth has just taken Henry to Alder Hey with Croup.

I suppose once you’ve gotten one child who is susceptible you’re next isn’t going to have much luck either. Henry woke up about 20 minutes ago. with the same wheezy sound, We had a (very short) go at ignoring it – but it was obvious really. the hospital probably won’t call it croup. If only because he’s under 1. but hopefully they will give him the drug that calms it all right down.

I think if you don’t live 6 minutes from a specialist children’s hospital your doctor would tell you that if it happened in the night to do the steam in the bathroom / take them outdoors thing and limp on through, but – and I do feel a bit like I am defending it a bit; our Doctor and the ones in the hospital have made it quite clear you bring them in if they’re having breathing problems.

I just hope Ruth is as lucky as I was, and they will be home by 3am, but It is Friday night and while not many 3 year olds go out on the tiles. I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t change the nature of A&E.

I’m going to see if i can get some rest, because It could be a long Saturday for some.