New Camera

I have been Sans Camera for about 3 weeks, since if flew out the back of a car while we we’re visiting friends during Easter. I’ve been ever so good, waiting and waiting until I got the financial clearance (the credit card month moved over one).

So on Saturday I ordered it, and today my shiny new camera arrived. and digital camera number three is a FujiFilm S5800. gone are the shiny silver things that fit in your pocket, and in comes the house brick that takes real good photies.

Daisy already has the grasp of how to be photographed so there is no change for this camera.

for those that might care, It’s a Fuji S5800, 8 megapixel, 10x optical zoom, thingy with pop up flashy bit, and movie thing. It cost £99!

I don’t know why companies give you all the delivery options in the world (well i do, money), because I forwent all that next day, 3 day stuff, and plumped for free delivery It still came Tuesday, when ordered over the weekend.