A free society or a police state?

the BBC are picking up on just how oppressive this country is when it comes to people exceising there rights to take photographs.

Despite 100’s of security cameras all over cities and towns in this country, someone taking a photograph can be subjected to victimization and unlawful stop and search. all in the name of anti-terrorism apparently.

As one of the comments on the BBC blog points out.

“In the modern world, it is possible to take thousands of snaps with camera phones or more discreet cameras, so why would any aspiring terrorist need to use an obvious camera?”

more sinister is the reaction to this post

“Take some photos of the police who are trying to stop you taking photos. Then tell them you are within your rights to do so and you will not delete them and if they arrest you then you will pursue a case of wrongful arrest. They really hate that.”

Ruth said – “That sounds like a way to get beaten up”, and I agree, but isn’t that how you end up in a police state? How many police beatings actually have to happen, or can you just have the inferance of them to control behaviour beyond the stated laws? and remember it’s all done to protect us.

I’m off to photograph some buildings in built up areas. I wonder what would happen if I started taking photos of security cameras?