ASDA and the fascist bag police

We don’t actually shop much in the real ASDA. Daisy is at that age, where keeping her under control in the shops is more that it’s worth; so we do most of the shopping on-line. This week, through the usual reasons of busyness and tiredness, we hadn’t done an on-line shop. So I did a quick ASDA blast yesterday morning.

Now It wasn’t that long ago that we use to take bags to ASDA when we shopped. Trying to persuade the checkout assistant to let you use your own bags took some doing, there was no where to recycle the bags you did use and they would be positively throwing the bags at you as you packed.

Yesterday: Either the policy has totally shifted, or I got a fascist checkout woman. But when I refused to by the 5p bags-for-life, I nearly got thrown out the shop. I didn’t really see the point, we only do a real ASDA shop once every three months, and you can’t use them on-line (where they will happily use a bag per yoghurt).

Then I got told off for not filling a plastic bag enough. I rather foolishly thought it wise not to put fruit and veg in the same bag as raw meat. but apparently if I do insist on destroying the planet I should at least do it with ripped plastic bags and cross contamination of foodstuffs.

Going Green

The world does appare to be changing; where a few years ago we were collecting all our tins in boxes, driving to the back of an empty car-park and resolutely sorting out our glass colours, we can now get the council to do it for us. ASDA (and the others) are reducing the number of bags they use; which can only be seen as a good thing. It’s just we where somewhat bullied out of the recycling habit.

I suppose I should be happy, stop moaning and remember how hard it use to be – It’s my in-built dislike for being told what to do that’s making me upset. Next time I might just unpack all the food on the conveyor belt and carry it back to the car in my hemp ruck sack.