Swimming and Daisy

I think it should be noted just how much Daisy has regressed since the incident in the swimming ‘lesson’.

We’ve taken Daisy to a number of different swimming pools since, and at every one she’s sat on the steps and refused to get wet passed her navel. It’s been hard to judge just how much of that was down to different pools and how much was down to her fear.

Today we took her to Garston pool, which is the one that Daisy and I have been to loads; if you where to ask Daisy this would be ‘our’ swimming baths. Well today Daisy was a complete shadow of herself compared to the last time we went.

The good thing about Garston is that it has a shallow entrance; you can effectively walk in. Last time we went, which is some time ago, Daisy was jumping in of the side, going to the bit where she had to stand of tip toes, and splashing me quite a lot – this time, just about waded in to not much past her knees.

It’s enough to make you quite angry really – we had a good talk afterwards and Daisy told me she was basically scared because of what happened with the man, and she might go under the water again. I told her that she had Mummy and Daddy looking after her, so it wasn’t going to happen again, but she doesn’t really believe me.

We tried all the things we could think of, letting a little girl play with Daisy’s float, taking henry into the Deeper water, talking about how big girls like water, and how Daisy did loads of stuff when she was a little girl. I for one have ran out of ideas – I have no remaining strategies for getting my daughter who is now petrified of water anywhere near a deep bit of a swimming pool.

2 thoughts on “Swimming and Daisy

  1. How sad, and I can understand your annoyance. But don’t give up. I think this is a situation were gentle perseverance will pay off. She will learn to enjoy the water again even if she is not as adventurous. Did you ever hear from the Council about your complaint?

  2. You are doing the right things, just keep going, you will get there eventually – provided you don’t give up.

    Love Dad.

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