A busy weekend (again)

I admit it – our last few weekends have been a bit hectic and feature packed. It’s mainly to do with my complete lack of leave coupled with a some stressful working weeks – this weekend has been no exception:

Saturday: Lye-in (for me anyway), swimming, neighbourhood café, lady lever art gallery, port sunlight garden centre and some potting up of plants.

Sunday: Church, more plant potting, trip to B&Q even more plant potting and it’s 4:30pm.

I think a reflection on how stressed we are is that Saturday really began with an argument – we don’t really do arguing, I think it’s a sense of perspective thing, so may things aren’t that important in the world to fall our over; only very occasionally does it all go out the window and we will argue about anything today was one of those days.

We did eventually get everyone into the swimming pool,and I’ve already talked about it, Henry thinks its loads of fun, and Daisy is completely traumatised – it was the break in the day we needed though to get over our morning and go for a nice lunch in neighbourhood. a very very nice café on Woolton Road, they took unusually long to serve us but this just helped us unwind into the day, by reading some random books from the side.

By the time we’d finished dinner* (around 3pm) we still weren’t ready to go home so we paid a visit to the lady lever art gallery in port sunlight, it’s one of the very few of the local museum places we haven’t been to / done to death so it was a nice trip: For a quick review; quite a few pieces of art porn, i.e. porn dressed up as art and some really really old things.

Port sunlight as you may or may not know is where Ruth and I got married, something Daisy was trying to get to grips with (the idea of your parents not being together a bit much for a 3 year old we think).

After the art gallery, still not quite ready so we walked up to the port sunlight garden center; just for a wander now; and spent about £60 on plants, hanging baskets and window boxes, which of course meant that when we did get home we had to start planting all this up in the garden.

Ruth got quite a lot of bedding plants, and I bought some herbs, mainly so I can pretend I am like Jamie Oliver.

We did of course by two much, and yet not enough so we’ve had an extra trip to B&Q today, and now we have three window boxes (two on window bottoms, and one on the floor) which are full of flowers; and some quite upset looking herbs. It’s done nothing but Rain since we went all horticultural which has resulted in the rather strange sight of me watering plants in a torrential downpour.

* you will notice how I interchange lunch and dinner, this is because I am not a ‘proper’ northerner being only from Liverpool and all. while many people will tell you dinner is a northern thing, it’s not it’s a lancastrian thing, and liverpool as we all know is not in Lancashire.

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