The Rules for Readers

We instituted the Rules of Blogging some years ago. They were intended to outline the sorts of topics that could be seen as warranting a blog post – or at least, warranting a post on this particular site, which turned out to be wildly liberal in terms of the minimum standard of posts…

At the time, we didn’t anticipate a need for rules in reading the site, largely because no-one we knew read it, and we therefore didn’t really care how the tiny number of readers that we had, chose to go about it.

That was then. Now, almost everyone we know reads the blog (you can’t argue, unless you don’t read it, in which case you’re not reading it, and can’t argue). And this leads to a lot of conversations that start with “We went to X, last week,” and end a split second later with, “Yeah, I know, I read it on your blog.”

And actually, that’s a bit demoralising. It leaves me with not much to talk about. And the potential solutions to this problem are either, 1) stop blogging, in the interests of conversation; or, 2) get you lot on board with conversation part of it.

I like blogging. So I chose 2) – impose my rules on everyone else. So, here goes: it is not appropriate to respond to something I say with “Yeah, I know, you blogged”. If that means letting me bore you with a tirade that you’re already perfectly familiar with, then so be it – everybody needs a place to rant. On the other hand, it is perfectly reasonable to begin a conversation with “I read on your blog that you went to X last week…?” You know, as a conversation starter, rather than a kill-it-dead-in-it’s-tracks thing.

Glad we cleared that up, everyone.

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  1. Am I guilty of this? If so I am sorry and will try to change so that conversation can flow.

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