Month in Numbers

Oops I forgot. I am obsessive an need to do a month in numbers post. 


  • April got 24 posts, It should have gotten this one but i forgot, still that’s 133 posts for the 1st four months of the year. we also had 17 comments.
  • Google Reader says : “From your 189 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 6,784 items, starred 95 items and shared 13 items
  • I’ve Sent 90 emails from home; about two days worth in work. 
  • I’ve made 17 facebook status changes
  • I got my new camera this month, and i’ve taken 411 piccies so far – best of which is the rabbit, but really that was Ruth – which is a few more than last month. 
  • Google says i’ve only searched the internet 494 times in April it’s obviously the internet is getting smaller. 
  • I actually finished two books in april. Pies and Prejudice and Eats shoots and leaves. that means i’ve read 7 books this year. not that impressive but i was curious as to just how many I do read.