the make-surer

It’s worrying being three – Daisy has been worrying today:

“I am worried that when I am older and I get married up, i won’t live with Mummy and Daddy!” 

“well you don’t have to live somewhere else, Uncle Neil is married and he still lives in the same house as his Mummy, if you want you can move out or you can stay.”

“but what if i don’t want to be married up”

“you don’t have to get married, only if you meet a boy who you want to get married to, and who wants to get married to you (for the right reasons!)”

“what if i don’t want to get married but the boy who wants to marry me up marries me up, and..”

“that’s what Daddy is for, Daddy will make sure that no one marries you, if you don’t want to”

“Daddy is my make-surer… what about henry?”

“Well mummy is Henry’s make-surer.”

So Daisy is now less worried, I am her make-surer which is taking on all sorts of extra meaning, apparently only the person who is a make-surer should carry the person they are the make-surer for. This means I shouldn’t carry Henry, especially when Daisy wants a carry. 

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