I’m ill

Ruth thinks I might have mumps*, I think it could be tonsillitis, but it’s more likely that i’ve just got a sore throat. One thing for sure I’ve not been this i’ll for a very long time – 12th January 2000 – I missed the First leg of the Bolton v Tranmere cup semi-final. Ruth made me not go; It was one of her first acts of looking after. 

I’ve been off work since around 11am on tuesday, when I conceded that I am a fool and going into work was the silliest thing I could have done – it then took most of tuesday and maybe a bit of wednesday to recover from the journey to work and back. At that time my throat wasn’t supper sore, but i was feverish, week and achy.

by thursday the achyness and shiveryness where starting to lessen, but now my throat has kicked off good style into being really sore so eating anything is quite hard. Today is the day you know you don’t feel to bad, but if you where to do anything strenuous (like go to work) you would just collapse again. 

I must be getting better because the clear blue skies I have been looking out the window at have gone. Ruth said i could be ill in the garden, but i really don’t think you’re allowed to be ill outside, I felt a bit of a fraud on wednesday when i went to Tesco, and that was to buy medicine.  

* I’ve just read the symptoms of mumps and there are one or two areas of pain I think I would notice i had it. 

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