Plague House

last night we had a visit from the fourth illness to befall our house in two weeks (three colds previously) Daisy and then Henry got a stomach bug, which meant we had quite a few changes of clothes and bedding.

Daisy was sick at around 7:30 and then on and off until 1:10am; i know this time, because this is exactly when Henry started to be sick. I put daisy back in bed and said “I have to go see Henry” and at that point she was OK. Henry was then sick everywhere (i.e. all over me). and was out of bed twice last one around 3-ish.

Ruth says I thrive in these situations and while they are very tiring I think she’s right. I feel like a good dad when I’m running around picking them (and the things they’ve left behind) up from around the house. It also adds to my parenting badges. poo everywhere – check; Alder Hey at 1am – check; covered in sick – check. It just all goes down as things I will never be thanked for – so in later life i can call them ungrateful 🙂