Holiday – IOW Part 2 of 2

Daisy is feeling a little let down by the man who looks after the flats. He said it never rains on the Isle of Wight, something which upto today was holding true. We’ve had blue skies for the whole week. yesterday had some cloud but it was still sunny enough for us to be covered in suncream.

Overnight it rained, and the outlook for today says it might rain this afternoon. Just now we’ve got moody sea under gray clouds; there is an increasingly large patch of blue so it might still be another fab day.

Yesterday was the obligatory middle of the holiday flake out. at one point Henry, Ruth and me where all asleep – it lasted until daisy finished her yogurt; then she jumped on me and I was awake. I might have told Daisy that i was a nocturnal teacher during a game of school – and we drove to freshwater mainly because it’s a forty minute drive and we where trying to trick them to sleep.

Isle of Wight 2008 - Woody Bay

One of the reasons for the tiredness was all the walking on Tuesday we walked the cliffs from woody bay to the botanical gardens. Daisy walked all the way, and told us she had ran out of banana energy quite a lot, until she saw the playground at the end of the walk, where she found some magical playground energy.

Another reason for being tired is the 5am starts. We still haven’t quite worked out why, but Henry is waking up almost on the dot of 5 every day. we are taking turns with the lye-ins so we swap the role of noughty parent daily.

OK now it’s blue skies and sunny – So I’m going to go and take the same photo I’ve taken for the last 6 days.